Wednesday, March 26, 2008

United Sherpa Association (Sherpa Kyidug)

Dear Sherpa Brothers and Sisters, Tashi Delek !

Once again we would like thank everyone for showing your support & concern to save Dolma Sherpa . As stated earlier in our statement we have been very closely following Dolma Sherpa's case and have been in constant touch with the Nepalese Mission in New York of any development that is taking place.

As per our information Dolma's case has been appealed in the higher court but the March 16, 2008 hearing was not done because defense lawyer has not been hired yet.

We also received information about the worldwide fundraising activities going on in different countries and the amount collected so far from different organization and individual amounts to $ 30,000 approx.

The board meeting of United Sherpa Association decided to form 8 member Save Dolma Committee which will be reponsible for raising fund in the US to save Dolma and advising Sherpa Kyidug to make its decision to proper utilization of the fund generated for this purpose.

The first meeting of the Save Dolma Committee held its first meeting at Sherpa Kyidug's office and discuss all the options to raise fund for the release of Dolma Sherpa.

Sherpa Kyidug has already opened a Bank Account for Save Dolma Fund, and the web site for Save Dolma will be ready by this week which will feature all the information on Dolma case, the fundraing activities , information on how you can donate to Save Dolma Sherpa Kyidug's account etc. Pls stay tuned !

We will also be appealing for donation from the local Nepali communities here in NY for the Save Dolma Fund.

The second meeting of Save Dolma committee will be held at 12.30 PM on Sunday at Sherpa Kyidug's office in New York to discuss how we can effectively fundraise at the earliest

Despite our best effort to fundraise for Dolma at the earliest but there are so many legal matters that we have to be aware of as an orgaization before we proceed to do anything. We would like to assure everyone that Sherpa Kyidug, USA will do everything it can to raise fund to save Dolma from Kuwaiti Jail.

Thank you once again for all your support.

Ang Galjen Sherpa
General Secretary
United Sherpa Association (Sherpa Kyidug)

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